Guns for Good

Welcome to Guns for Good

Guns for Good is a program run by Connecticut Firearms Auctions. We are a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer. You can donate the proceeds from your gun collection to the charity or 501c3 Nonprofit of your choice. We will safely and legally handle the sale and transfer of any rifles, shotguns, pistols or revolvers.

How it works:

Estates, Collections and individuals who wish to donate the proceeds from their firearms collection contact us and make an appointment for a free consultation and appraisal of their guns. We operate under a contract to safely store, advertise and market the weapons through live and online auction. We only sell to properly licensed dealers, collectors and individuals with proper permits. Mandatory background checks are required for all buyers, and all guns are sold in accordance with Federal, State and Local laws. After the sale is complete, we make payment to the benefit organization of your choice, and provide you with a receipt.

CALL US TODAY: 203-710-0189